5 Characteristics Confident Women Have

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This post was triggered by these beautiful ladies I met last week at a women’s conference on the magical island in Maui, Hawaii. So, what do highly confident women have in common?

Here are a few qualities I would like to highlight:

1. They Are Comfortable In Their Own Skin: Last year, I published the Confidence Journal for career women and in the introduction to the journal I wrote these words:“A confident woman does not look for titles to validate herself, nor does she have to hide behind makeup. Instead, she starts from within. It is easy to talk yourself out of a bold step, saying that it is complicated and that life is unfair. I've been there and still catch myself doing that sometimes. But I have also learned that when you commit to your purpose, you not only live happier but also inspire many others to do the same.”

“A (wo)man cannot be comfortable without (her) own approval”
— Mark Twain

A confident woman accepts and loves herself for who she is. She does not need to look perfect in public and later hate herself when the lights are out and there are no fans around. To every woman of colour, your skin colour is pigmentation and nothing else. It is creativity at its best, thanks to God. If you want to dismantle stereotypical bias, IT‘S NOT ABOUT BEING COLOUR BLIND. Colour is good! Acknowledge it. Appreciate it. Value it and SHINE through it.

2. They Appreciate the Good in Their Heritage: Growing up, I remember a rap song I loved so much with a chorus that went ―I’m an African and I’m proud.‖ Culture, they say, is a way of life driven by values we hold dear. We all grew up in a particular culture that shaped our beliefs, mindset and our socialization. By way of repetition, we have consciously and unconsciously developed certain concepts and behaviours which may be perceived by other cultures as either good or bad. Knowing more about your roots and what makes you YOU can create a higher level of awareness of the positives and negatives and what identity or baggage you choose to hold on to going forward. Admit that there are things you cannot change from your past. For example, maybe your mother died at an early age, or maybe you never got to know your father. Maybe you are an only child, or maybe your parents couldn‘t afford your education. Maybe you were sexually abused as a little girl, or maybe you‘re currently experiencing difficulties related to your past; if you take a closer look, irrespective of all these, there is still something you can be grateful and thankful for.

3. They Have the Right Attitude About Everything: We live in an unpredictable world. The plans you made on Monday morning may get thrown out of the bus on Tuesday because of a sudden airport strike, a currency market crash, or a call from your family doctor about a test result. An optimistic view of life can help you to keep worries away and to push you in the direction of your dreams. Embrace life more joyfully, with hope, optimism and good cheer. Enjoy better health, have happier relationships and experience greater productivity in your career; in return you can live a longer, more satisfying and successful life. Having the right attitude no matter what, is a key to your success.


4. They know Godfidence precedes Confidence: The truly happy and successful women are not ashamed to acknowledge the SOURCE of all wisdom, success and strength. It is not about you and what you can accomplish by yourself. In fact, the moment you stop struggling and surrender to God‘s leading and direction for your life, you‘ll realise things happen with much more ease—doors of opportunities will open and what could take others years to accomplish you will make it in record time. Putting your trust in God means that you understand you are limited and depend on Him for everything. He will never let you down.

5. They know and embrace their purpose: Not every woman is cut out to get married or have children and be able to combine that with owning a business or a leadership position in an organization, so whatever path or season of life you have chosen or God allowed to happen, embrace it. Be grateful for the many blessings and joys you share and spend less time moaning about the rest. If you‘d take a moment to recall, you‘ll find those many blessings all around you. Things we take for granted. Privileges we may never know we have until we see someone who has not. Highly confident women know their strengths and put them to good use in both personal and professional situations. Learn to focus on what you excel in rather than dwelling on your opportunity areas. (extracted from “Confidence Pearls” available on Amazon )

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you? What characteristics make you more confident? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below. 

Be unstoppable,

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