Leading with Confidence not only enhances productivity but reinforces the vision you have for yourself and for your organization. Are these 3 actions robbing you from being authentic and bold for change?

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1. Being A People Pleaser: Trying to be in everyone’s good books is sometimes like trying to contain the ocean in the palm of your hands. Instead of trying to please everyone, do the best you can with the majority. Find the change agents and influencers and create a buy-in. Know that not everyone will always be on the same page with your ideas. Don’t let trying to get everyone’s approval keep you stuck. You know it’s time to move on!

Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong.
— Peter McIntyre

2. Trying To Be Perfect: Are you too hard on yourself? Trying to be the perfect wife, perfect CEO, perfect mum, perfect leader? Seeking perfection is the mother of stagnation. It’s the perfect excuse to not get started on that business idea, that NGO, that book, that exercise plan, that habit you know you need to form, or that proposal that keeps you tossing to and fro on your bed every night. Step out and take baby steps. If you make mistakes, they are learning moments.

3. Trying To Blend In: The greatest men and women who’ve made a dent in history in a way we can never forget defied all odds. They were weird, unique, misunderstood, but they stood their ground, believed in their dreams and made a difference. You were made to have giguantic dreams, to be unique, and to do that, you cannot blend in, you’ve got to stand out!! Make your mark. Be different. It’s liberating!

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you? How will you raise the lid on your confidence level today? Leave a comment below.

Be Unstoppable,