5 Ways To Enrich Your Life Forever

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Have you zig-zagged your daily movements lately to see where and how you truly spend your time? Here are 5 ways you can invest time and never go wrong in building a rich and full life.

  • Family Time: If you’ve got a family of your one, aged parents, a loving spouse and/or kids, time spent with them is never wasted. I don’t mean time spent where you’re all together but everyone is either texting or scrolling through Instagram or Snapchat. I mean good old-fashioned conversations full of sincerity, laughter, and love. Sometimes it can be tough to keep crucial conversations going or to forgive when you’re hurt but relationships is a big part of our human development. No one should live or die alone. So, be conscious of who you are and what you do when you’re with those closest to your heart. Be fully present. maximise the moments. No one lives forever on this side of heaven.
  • Exercise: We all know toning your body engines is crucial for daily success. Spending 15 minutes walking, jogging, stretching, or other forms of exercise far outweighs sitting on the couch watching East Enders or that funny video on youtube that just went viral.
  • Reading a chapter of a book a day: How many books do you intend to read this year? Have you identified them? It’s no secret that even the best of the best influential men and women in the society today read every day so why shouldn’t you? Reading opens our minds to new learning, new discoveries, and a different way of thinking. So what book are you reading right now? You can comment here.  and in case reading is not on your plan for 2017, do make time for it.
  • Cooking / Eating healthy meals: Garbage in, garbage out. It is so true. How you think can affect how you eat. If you intend to live a long and healthy life, making certain choices that may not be the most popular but may enrich your life. That smoothie may be bitter but better. Eating in moderation may be difficult but has long-lasting benefits. So, before you stuff that box of chocolates in your mouth again, take a moment to think about it.
  • Good sleeping habit: Three weeks ago, while waiting at the airport for my next connecting flight, I watched a team of aero engineers perform system checks on an airplane parked at the hanger. As I watched them, I thought of all the times I have simply boarded an airplane without even thinking whether it’s been serviced or not. I just trust that the airline has done its best to guard my safety, right? In the same way, your clients and loved ones expect you to do the same. I watched an interesting TED talk by Jeff IIiff a while ago and he talked about what goes on in the brain while we sleep. You can watch it here and then tell me what you think. Plan to keep healthy sleeping habits this year so you can truly be unstoppable at work and life.

Question: Which of these 5 areas will you improve on this year? What else could you add to your list? Comment below.


To your growth and success,