You've Got Something!


Today’s Passage:
“For thus says the Lord of Israel, the jar of flour shall not be spent, and the jar of oil shall not be empty, until the day the Lord sends rain upon the earth” (1Kgs 17:14)

When the Shunamite woman woke up that morning, all she had in mind was to manage her last meal with her son and prepare to die. Little did she know that a little empathy, a little sacrifice, a little willingness to share, a little listening ear, a little patience, a little step or act of faith, a little submission, a little obedience would keep her and her son going for many days during that famine.

Today, keep a positive attitude and walk by faith. 

Take the seemingly little steps and watch God multiply your efforts. 

Have a great day!

Be Unstoppable,

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Photo by hocus-focus/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by hocus-focus/iStock / Getty Images