Get Rid of these 5 Habits To Stay Joyful

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Happiness is an emotion. Happiness is nice to have. Happiness satisfies temporarily but it doesn't last long.

Have you ever wondered why you feel excited one moment then something shakes your world and you feel angry, sad, or disappointed the next? It's because happiness is not a deep feeling. It needs to be experienced over and over again because it wanes out.

What lasts longer is joy! 

You cannot give what you don't have. You cannot spread joy when you’re not joyful. You can’t find help others maximally when deep inside you’re not satisfied. Let’s explore happiness triggers for the moments you need a boost or need to remember how blessed you, are as a mom, in the first place. 

Here are 5 Habits That Could Stop You From Staying Joyful Always:

  1. Not starting your day right: Every great day begins with a good morning. I’ve always wondered why people say “Good Morning” with a frown on their faces. If it is truly a good morning, you should be benign with a smile but how can you when you woke up late, hurried to make breakfast and get the kids dressed for school, then jumped into the bathroom to take a quick bath, hurried down to the car only to realise you forgot your wallet. Then, trapped in traffic for God knows how long.. what’s so good about the morning?? To stay joyful, you must take charge of your mornings. A good morning begins the day before. A good week begins the weekend before. Put structures in place that support you. Pack school bags and uniforms for the week ahead of time. Set your alarm to wake you up with a lovely worship tune that ushers you into God’s presence. Spend time communing with Him then receive strength and grace for the day. Set your day right before you get out of bed and set your feet on the floor. Get a “word for the day” you’re going to keep on your mind all through the day. Call in your reinforcements and share the load as needed. Many more tips you can find in my book Uplift Your Productivity. 
  2. Not carrying your weather around: Whether it is raining or the sun is shining, to stay joyful, cultivate the habit of not letting the outside temperature determine how you feel on the inside. If the sun isn’t shining, choose to be the sun. If there is need for rain, choose to be the rain. Carry your weather wherever you go and you’ll have found the secret of being joyful no matter what.
  3. Not saying NO so you can say YES: If you feel you must say yes to everything and everyone, it will be very difficult to stay joyful.  Sometimes, you have to say NO so you can say YES to what really matters. What makes your heart sing? Do you know? Who makes you happy? Do you spend enough time with that person? What can you say NO to this week so you can say YES to what truly makes you happy?
  4. Comparing Yourself To Others: How many times have you caught yourself envying others or sulking over their fabulous figure, beautiful family picture posted on Instagram, someone screaming on Facebook they just made a million dollars this week ? Here’s a short video I recorded on “Don’t Follow The Crowd” 
  5. Not living in the moment: To be present means that you’re fully conscious and completely aware of here and now (as you read this). You are not worrying about the future or thinking about the past. Your mind is focused on this words, this page, right here and now. When you live in the present, you are living where life is happening. The past and future are illusions, they don't exist. Do you find yourself sometimes thinking about home when you’re at work or thinking about work when you’re at home?


Be Unstoppable,