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For some individuals, turning 40 can be hysterical or happy times. Maybe you feel unprepared for what lies ahead, or want to jump in and start life all over, or happy you’ve done really well for yourself but not quite lived all your dreams. I believe the “forties” phase of life doesn’t have to be the beginning of gloom and regret that leads to mid-life crises or even depression. It should be a season when you take the lessons of your youth and channel your confidence into new territories - this could mean building roots that outlive you, career changes, reviewing wellness & family goals, new businesses or expansion, establishing legacy, and creating a clear vision for the next 40 years of life.

My name is Mofoluwaso Ilevbare and I welcome you to FLOURISHING FORTIES.

Flourishing Forties is an inspiring community committed to help men and women in Africa/of African descent in their forties, THRIVE!!

In positive psychology, flourishing is living "within an optimal range of human functioning, one that connotes goodness, growth, and resilience.”

By providing relevant career and business insights, industry knowledge, online & offline networks, funding opportunities, tools, and more, we seek to be the #1 platform for members who desire to achieve professional and personal success and make the ‘40s’ the best season of life yet!

Are you hitting the big 4-0 or already on your journey through the 40’s ? This online learning and support platform will provide you sisterhood and support during this phase of your life. Launching SOON….

The Flourishing Forties Network… where extraordinary leaders grow, groom, and glow!