Flourishing Forties is an inspiring network for Christian women, ages 39 - 49, who    want to flourish like the cedars of Lebanon in business, career, life, LOVE & LEGACY. 

Are you almost hitting the big 4-0 or already on your journey through the 40’s ? 

Where did the years go? One moment you were straight out of school, now you’re 40? 

Don’t panic. You are not alone.

Whether you’re a wife, mother, corporate executive, stay-at-home mom, or business owner, this is the best time to be alive!

You want that Corner Office. 

You love being the Boss Lady CEO. 

However, in between juggling your career, running your business, managing your family, faith walk, and building wealth, you just can’t seem to get it all together without dropping a few balls or feeling overwhelmed.  If you could wave a magic wand, what do you need more of right now?

Today, women can have it all, not all at once, but when it matters most.

Your basket of all  is different from mine and that's what makes life all the more beautiful.

Flourishing Lady, more women are embracing their God-given purpose by climbing the world’s stage, breaking boundaries beyond social and cultural limitations, daring to be the WOMAN God created them to be, living in financial abundance, and experiencing an EPIC life. You too can be one of them.

The Flourishing Forties woman is Virtuous. Intentional. and Productive.

  • She loves God unconditionally.
  • She honours her spouse, protects her home, and nourishes herself.
  • Her professionalism is unrivalled.
  • Her private and public life reflects elegance, excellence, and ease. 
  • She takes good care of herself so she can fulfill her God-given purpose on earth.
  • She is bold, courageous, and committed.
  • She is very rich and gives cheerfully to others.
  • She draws strength daily from God's word and lives by it. 
  • She is joyful and maintains an attitude of gratitude
  • Everyone who comes in contact with her is blessed. 

Are you thE ONE We're EXPECTING? 

This online learning and support platform will provide you sisterhood and support during this phase of life.


The Flourishing Forties Network offers you:

  • A 12-month program, centred around 12 themes, one for every month of the year.
  • A private Facebook Community for friendship, support, and networking
  • You’ll learn how to give God priority in your career, business, and life.
  • You’ll learn how to sharpen your vision and be the BEST YOU ever. 
  • You'll learn how to stop stressing over money and create wealth.
  • You’ll explore strategies to beat procrastination and get important schedules done.
  • You’ll learn how to nurture your relationships and refresh your marriage.
  • You’ll get life time access to all the training videos and guided workbooks in teh membership area. 
  • You'll have purpose sisters, globally,  cheering you and praying for you all year round.

In addition, you will enjoy: 

  • Monthly Live Connects / Q&A session 
  • An accountability partner to pray with you and keep you accountable.
  • Book Club Membership - we'll study a life-changing book every other month. 
  • Opportunity to contribute/share your expertise on our blog. 
  • Access to Guest Experts through our online / offline events
  • A suprising gift pack in month 6 and month 12 to pamper yourself. 

 What would you like the next 40 years to be like?

  • Do you want to truly connect with your purpose?
  • Revisit dreams not yet achieved?
  • Make more money?
  • Start that business or change careers?
  • Get clarity on your life goals?
  • Mentor younger ladies and leave a great legacy behind?
  • Make more money to travel the world and be a blessing to humanity?

Then, be a part of the Flourishing Forties Network where extraordinary women grow, groom, and glow together.

Modules we will cover include: 

  • MODULE 1: My Vision 
  • MODULE 2: My Goals
  • MODULE 3: My Confidence
  • MODULE 4: My Finances
  • MODULE 5: My Mindset & Fears 
  • MODULE 6: My Vibrant Career / Business 
  • MODULE 7: My Priorities & Time 
  • MODULE 8: My S.H.A.P.E. 
  • MODULE 9: My Relationships 
  • MODULE 10: My Faith
  • MODULE 11: My Habits
  • MODULE 12: My Legacy


You don't want to miss our very first module in September - SMART WOMAN, BIG DREAMS! Let's dig into our deepest desires and God's promises for our lives using the power of envisioning and the art of vision boarding. 

12 video modules , one per month, focused on an impTake a photo using any digital photography tool of your choice..png


Christian Women ages 39-49.


It is a support group for this season of your life until we send you off at 50..woohoo!! 


You will be billed between the 30th - 2nd day of the new month. However, if you do not wish to continue, you must send an email to info@mofoluwasoilevbare.com on/before the 30th of that month.


No worries, you can cancel your membership any time you want. The only condition is it must be latest by the 30th day of the month. Once we move to another month, you will be billed for that entire month. 

Focus on your strengths, that which you do best, then you can change the world faster in your own unique way. - Mofoluwaso