Guarding Against The Unstable Heart That Makes You Feel Stuck

Have you ever wondered why the Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness? Was it because they had enemies or because they became their own enemy?


When God gave the Israelites promises and instructions about entering into the promise land, he promised to provide, guide and protect them but they doubted all the way.


They had issues with trusting God completely and this made them to continue:





Feeling insecure




Whatever situation you are facing presently, you need to hold on to God’s word concerning it.

If you are sick and God says you are healed, you may not feel an instant change but your positive belief into that promise will accelerate your healing.

If you are not trusting God but looking out for men to help you, it can keep you frustrated for long. When God gives a promise, He does it in his own timing. You can’t threaten Him to do it immediately because all His plans and timing are working together for your good.


When you doubt all the time, it makes you unstable and that can stop you from getting access to the promise or whatsoever you are asking for. All you need to do is to have a sincere motive behind your desire, pray about it with gratitude and believe that it is done and it will be according to your faith.


If you want your business to grow, pray to God for ideas and strategy and believe that He will send resources your way. It may not happen the way that you planned it but it will come.


Doubt stops you from truly trusting. Doubt keeps away the rewards you want. Doubt keeps you stagnated for a long time.


You want to be unstoppable? Go ahead and believe God for the process.

“To believe is to be strong. Doubt, cramps energy. Belief is power.

— - Frederick W. Robertson”


Search your heart right now and ask yourself if you have been doubting God for some things he’s yet to do in your ministry, business or marriage. If you find any trace of doubt, take some time to reaffirm your belief in God’s promises.