How to Be More Visible in the Workplace

The moment Angela was called to receive the award, I could feel Tope cringe. I turned to my side and caught her rolling her eyes and mumbling some words under her breath. “What’s up, Tope?” I asked. “We did that project together” Tope said. “In fact, it was my idea in the first place. Why should she be the one receiving an award and not me?”.

From where I sit, I hear that a lot. I see many smart people not getting credit for the work they’ve done. I see many who deserve promotion waiting and watching while others get promoted. When you understand the value you bring to the workplace, you’ll not only stop hiding, you’ve share your accomplishments boldly and proudly. In this week’s video, I share 5 ways to be more visible in the workplace so you can get the accolades you deserve! Click below to watch.
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