Four Elements That Make Up A Great Speech

A Speech is by far, an effective medium for conveying a message to a large number of people. A great speech comprises an idea, a platform, and of course, presentation delivery. In making a speech, it is imperative that you understand that a good speech should evoke audience participation; by this, it means that you must ensure that you actively engage your audience through effective communication- so that the message is easily assimilated. 


Here are four elements to making that great speech:

  1. Attention grabber: Your speech should be delivered in an interesting way such that you grab your audience attention just as soon as you mount the stage. You could start with a story, a quote, or highlight a past event. People like stories, so they are bound to pay rapt attention when the speech starts with “I was walking home a few days ago and I….” see that? They want to hear the end of the story so they will follow you, they might not even know when this story has ended and you have moved on to the subject of the actual speech.

  2. A relatable message: People like things they can relate to. You could stand for hours giving the best speech in your opinion, and the audience looks on, staring at you and waiting for your session to come to a close. You think you have made a lot of sense by the claps of commendation you got right after the speech but one thing you may never know is how well they received your message. Did it ring a bell in their hearts? Do they identify with what you are sharing with them? Keep this in mind whenever you are preparing to deliver a speech. 

  3. A compelling message: Your message needs to be as compelling as possible. Your audience is made up of real people with real needs. Do not be ignorant of the needs of the audience you are speaking to. Reach into their hearts, touch it where it hurts the most and soothe their pains. Speak to their needs and let them know that you are not just speaking but that you truly care. Work on the same frequency with them. One way to achieve this is to completely immerse yourself in the theme of the event you are giving that speech in. 

  4. A confident delivery: The best part of a speech is the delivery. Give your speech that perfect delivery that has everyone at the edge of their seats. Use a high and low tone of voice where needed; know where to pitch and where to whisper. Build a connection with a few people by looking them straight in the eyes. Let them feel the words like air on their skins, walk if need be. Gesticulate properly, do not be nervous here. Touch the man by the shoulder, and look intently at the woman. Exude confidence during your presentation.

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