Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.” –Tony Robbins.

Benita started the year with so much high hopes and passion towards setting new goals. She woke up daily with so much excitement for the first two months. Every day was about breaking the goals into little processes, creating a to-do list and viewing her vision board.

After 2 months, she had an argument with her husband which got messy for weeks. Her spiritual life began to drag as she couldn’t pray with anger and she couldn’t study her bible with so much offences going through her mind. He had done this to her severally and she was getting tired of it.

Beyond not just praying, she began to eat junks since she refused to cook for her husband. She could not focus on her goals anymore because her motivation shifted towards her anger.

Whatever you focus on expands.                                                                                

Every time you set goals, your emotional life can have so much effect on you. When you are happy, your goals get smashed with excitement but when your emotional life gets tampered with, it can affect how you respond to every aspects of your life.

Sean had the same issue in the middle of the year. His business wasn’t doing great and that began to affect his finances. Bills began to pile up and he could not afford his luxury lifestyle for a while. Some of his goals needed financial resources to meet hence he lost track of his plans and began to chase more money.

Sometimes pain serves as motivation towards meeting goals but it all depends on your response towards your situations. It could serve as a motivation or a way of pulling you off tracks, it’s all about your attitude.

Are you like Benita and Sean?

In the beginning of the year, you must have had so much energy and goals in your heart to smash. .
You must have written it down in a journal.
Presently, are you still excited about your goals?

What happened? 
Life happened? 
You got tired? 
You got overwhelmed? 
You began to compare your progress? 
You need clarity? 
You need more push? 

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” –Jim Rohn


So let’s take a look at your EMOTIONAL LIFE.

What makes you excited?


Love and connection?

What happens when your needs are not met? Does it tamper with your excitement towards life?

But what about your why?

That should be your biggest motivator. If your why isn’t big enough, you may never see reasons to smash them.

If your emotional life is based on the happenings around you, you may lose focus as the days unfold.

Why do you want to achieve that goal?

Do the following:

1. Look through your goals again in a quiet environment. 

2. Think about why you set the goal in the first place. 

3. What do you need to do next to smash just one goal among them? 

Who do you need to talk to? What book do you need to read? Where do you need to go? Think about that one thing that is stopping you and face it. 

4. What are you scared of? Failure? The unknown? Success? 

5. What will happen if you finally smash that goal? 

6. How can you guard your mind so that your temporary situations would not affect your plans? Guard your heart with so much diligence. You can stick up verses on your walls, start your day with a quiet time and get rid of every toxic emotion.

7. Don’t be hard on yourself if you fail or fall back some times. Life can truly happen but stay encouraged and get daily up to keep winning.

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”- 2 Chronicles 15:7

So, tell me in the comment below, what is that one thing that has been stopping you from smashing your goals?

Be unstoppable,