Are you looking for an energising speaker who can inspire, motivate, and propel your audience to action? 


i. As a John Maxwell Leadership Coach, I offer a wide range of Organisational & Personal Development Workshops, Seminars, Keynotes, Business Lunch & Learn, and Training Topics based on John Maxwell's bestselling book and leadership philosophies which can also be tailored to your organisation's needs. 

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ii. As a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach®, I’ll  work with your organisation on key relationship management skills such as powerful influencing skills, communication, visionary leadership, conflict management, teamwork and collaboration, and building trust (among others). 

iii. As a Barrett CTT Practitioner, I engage leaders in creating the right organisational culture. By mapping your values to the Seven Levels of Consciousness® Model, you will be able to measure and manage your culture.

iv. As a Cherie Blair women mentor and an advocate for more women in positions of influence, I sit on diversity/gender equality  panels and engage leaders on matters related to diversity, inclusion, women leadership development and the vital role men need to play. 



Cracking the Code to Success

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Some of the topics I speak on:


  • Cracking The Code to Success

  • Becoming a Person of Influence

  • How to be a R.E.A.L. Success (ThoughtLeaders Summit)

  • The Confidence Factor: Strategies to Lead, Influence, and Have Fun

  • Uplift Your Productivity: Maximise Time & Optimise Your Life

  • Success Strategies For Aspiring Leaders & Entrepreneurs

  • Diversity & Inclusion Panels


  • Conversational Intelligence: in the Bedroom, Family room, Board room, & Ball room

  • The Kingdom Woman: Wealth & Worth (based on Prov.31)

  • Life Balance & Productivity Strategies For Working Parents

  • SHEMOTIONS: A Smart Mom's Guide to Stop Yelling & Be Happy in 4 Weeks

  • Girl Courageous: A young girl's guide to finding purpose & possibilities


YOUR INVESTMENT: I'm willing to provide a customised presentation / workshop within your budget. Click to  contact me 



It Was So Refreshing 

“We were delighted to welcome Mofoluwaso (Fofo) to one of our monthly luncheons to share personal and professional experience about women career. Fofo was a great guest speaker, we loved her passion and energy and highly appreciated her tips and tricks for a joyful life and successful career. It was an amazingly spontaneous sharing experience that we all enjoyed. I highly recommend Fofo to support women empowering! “

Women’s Business Society, Geneva, Switzerland



We LOVED Having You

“Fofo, we LOVED having you. Excellent presentation! It was very refreshing & very well-received. We greatly appreciate it!! Very useful 3 key strategies, engaging and insightful presentation. Your passion shone through yout presentation.  

C2W Annual Convention, South Carolina, USA




 “I highly recommend Mofoluwaso  to any organization no matter where they are.  Her charisma and ability to move us into action gave us new hope that we truly can achieve whatever we set our minds to. She is a tremendous speaker, which is a reflection of her beautiful soul." 

Centre for Economic & Leadership Development, Abuja